Wellington regional off road

Over cornering ^.^

I headed out to take some photos of a regional off road race in Wellington, I did how ever oversleep and only caught the end of the …

Great Gatsby theme 30th

In the win

My Older sister and friend had a combined 30th a 20′s swing Great Gatsby theme. Made for a beautiful evening with good friends

Cape Town bull run


I was invited to come along and take photos of the Cape Town bull run, an underground’ish street skating event that involves skating down long street in …

MP3 Experiment Cape Town

Thumb wars

Went along to take a look at the MP3 Experiment in Camps Bay, Cape Town. I must say it’s awesome to watch such a large group of …

Eye spy with my beautiful eye

Eye Spy

Decided to do some playing around with eyes, No color alterations just burning and dodging, red channel grey scale. Windows to the soul that give …

Reflecting the clouds

Camps bay clouds rolling in

Cape cold front clouds are awesome

Cold front

Took these last Friday, was just one of those days where I had to go home and fetch my camera.  Time for a new lens …

Playing with Light, or the lack there of


So I decided I wanted to try something different, I wanted to try doing some moody and gritty portraits. was more after feel than effect. …


Such an amazingly beautiful smile :)

Over the weekend I had the wonderful pleasure of practicing my portrait shooting with the beautiful Anneli. Just one of those smiles that disarms you I did …

Noordhoek revisited

Noordhoek revisted

decided to take a crack at processing some of the other pictures taken from the previous session and ended up with this image that stood …


I just love clouds <3 soft smooth blankets of water, add in some high contrast sun light and you have a win!

Paintball baby!

Andrea letting rip

So maybe it was a little naive of me to think that I could just slap on a day glow yellow vest and a mask and I wouldn’t be shot >.< …